I saw the husband coming since the first episode, whose room did it start it? Much disappointment in this comment! Don't worry #teamjunghwan and finally junghwan born to be duk seon's future husband chukae oppa ^^, artsy Jan 08 2016 7:42 am Maybe just maybe what if Park BoGum gets a gay role? So many things had not been show. Michael guy, in R97 he's one of Trash colleagues. The father-daughter issues solved, everyone (and the blank chair) took a photo together. I've no idea why it is receiving such high ratings. I mean yes, ofc this drama is not just about romance. i love the end and don't read comment before watch korean drama cause i run away from this drama because of comment but i love the drama i was amazing TeamTaek ! I felt like the ending was missing something, and it ended dully. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); 1010229292003039233290320302302092 PEOPLE WILL ANGRY IF JUNGHWAN ISN'T DEOKSUN's HUSBAND. Everytime there's here I know it's gonna be a funny scene. Media Febrianingtyas May 18 2017 11:41 am WOW....This is my first time commenting here, I can't just help but write about how great this drama was?...The plot was perfect ..so so perfect , There were lot of burst of emotions for me..the laughter, Crying, smiling , giggling, blushing ?, everything was on point , it showed me about the different sides to life. I love Hyeri's Duk Sun and my other favorite is Kim Sung Hyun's Sillyehamnidaa..Sillye sillyehaseyoo;D. m Nov 14 2015 6:17 pm I've watched it 3 times already and still laugh and cry throughout the episodes. it's fine to lose 1st love to get TRUE LOVE, but in ep 20 PLISSS GIVE uri JUNGHWAN MORE AIRTIME Though at the beginning of the show it really did seem like it would be Jung Hwan. please make it a bright happy ending... cyndy Dec 09 2015 8:49 pm I miss them so much. When I see you burst of angry because of parent favouritism in ep.1 I can say that you deliver the feel very well. I watched this for many times and never get bored, Andre Mar 13 2017 2:36 pm I am yet to watch the 2 final episode but i know what's the ending through all the spoilers. I love it the way sunghwan treated her. THE BEST From Reply Series! His love is like real life love . This is one of the best k-dramas ever. Linda Feb 08 2016 7:53 am If tvn disappoint us then we will disappoint tvn.. ghie (phil) Jan 10 2016 7:14 pm Neighborhood relationships, family lines, nostalgic figures...they were all great! bora and the other guy need to stop. She get a job from taek and hubby (Junghwan). He probably likes you a lot too, but the timing was never right. I'm going to watch this drama because I love all the reply series but because of the confirmation of park bo gum's role, i'm more interested .. but they should get a more skilled actress, seo Aug 15 2015 5:44 am This drama is just so perfect that it feel so real and feel so warm to watch. I'm so glad that I finally got to watch this drama. i think the writer wants to tell us about hesitation,a lot of people dissapointed with the ending. When it come franchaise, the expection of viewer is going higher and higher. i thought my instict is good .. #howmydelusionworks, cla Jan 16 2016 7:04 am Mygoodnessme. On the other hand...whyyyyyy! No. That Taek is the freaking Husband. but why did the writer bother to make junghwan's character as someone who sincerely loves deoksun into someone pathetic who lost her love by a sad timing and fate. How come you want 2 characters to be together, in the beginning of a story, just because the actors who play them. Or else you're going to lose her to another man who is able to do that. this drama taught me about life lessons. in the first she likes sunwoo until she knows Sunwoo likes Bora. Gonna watch it because of Park Bo Gum hehehe really loved him in Hello Monster/I Remember You <3 If you haven't watched that drama I strongly recommend it, it's amazing~, Asma Aug 13 2015 9:22 pm Mother Mi Ran stood in Hwan’s room, father Kim led her out. i would have accepted the ending if all my questions above were answered and all the loose ends were tied up properly. The best drama ever! Even the ending became plot twist..the drama still touching and i am always in my tears when watching the drama. One thing that tear my heart is my Jungpal yahh~~~ He deserves a better ending only than just a joke confession to deok sun n the failure of timing to meet her. Everyone win!! why nobody liked her and he replied that she doesn't have to be liked that she should like someone herself. Don Rui Jan 04 2016 6:36 pm I wish they give him more closure, just like in the previous Reply (1997, his brother found his wife) (1994, Chilling also found someone for him) I mean, it's so irritating that they just push his character aside just because a lot cries for Taek to be the husband (sorry Taek shippers just ranting) because his more attractive and so but my Jungpal (ideal guy). I think there'll be cameos. Anyone could be a potential partner and it all depends on time. Their families are also very close to each other. Or like how the director told RJY and Hyeri to act together in the beginning and suddenly they become when they are adults. teak kissedd her whatt and they are dating aswellwtf??? ASDDFGDFH, Grania Dec 28 2015 9:45 pm If you still insist to watch this drama, I suggest you to just watch until Junghwan says "saranghae" in ep18. sakura Feb 23 2016 11:20 pm Clearly, you can see the husband pointing out the date on the bottom right corner of the picture. reply 1988 was the worst reply series. We really liked the actors too and look forward to seeing them again in other series on Hulu (hopefully!). I was so moved with how nice and warm they treat each other especially between the parents. i dont follow idol groups XD but i know she's gonna be one in the future. Bytheway im TeamTaek bcause Bo Gum is ;) i love DeokSun too. But nope, they just had to give Sunwoo and Bora half of episode 20... :((((. Since there is still more episode for this drama. Whoever Duk Sun choose, I am happy!!!! >>Mini hahahaha I know what you mean. And for those who had already watched it in the past, re-watching this series might bring different sentiments in this pandemic situation. After i rewatched Episode 9, it should be taek in the first place to be deokson's husband xD punky Dec 17 2015 10:00 am just awesome.... best drama ever with most unique and cutest ending...... don't be disheartened by comments if someone is willing to watch.... it most heart warming drama ever with loveliest ending.... nism Jan 18 2016 5:26 am Taek appears as someone to be protected and cherished. I cannot help falling in love with this drama. Reply 1979? I really think that Jung Hwan is the husband, maybe Duk Seon just forgot the person whom she gave the chocolate. poor JH, loves her way too much and the misunderstanding :'( for a split second my heart broke when i saw JB wearing the pink shirt wondering why JH would do that. There was a lot of emotion at the end... not so much about the Duk Seon's family, but about the neighborhood and being around people you like a lot until that period of time just runs out. Even though DS acts crazy around all of them, she's really comfortable with Taek. I've been loving this drama, so sad I noticed the Reply series so late. Just like what I said, literally the best. sam Jan 25 2016 10:02 pm JH actually said that "You wanted me to confess in front of you, so here you go. I'm guessing they have to changed the script because Park Bogumm (choi taek) is getting more famous, and they need ratings so... Well whatever Im still very disappointed (tho nothing against Park Bogumm I think he's a great actor) why, they only just show how junghwan confess his feelings..they did not show how taek confess his feelings.... please writers, don't make tael like chil bong... give him happiness, he is a nice guy.. i like his character.. cute, andy Jan 12 2016 8:57 am yeah first I hope DS end up with JW, but in real life this thing is really can happen :) and what I learn fr JW is that whatever effort we did still destiny that determine. In ep 18 jong hwan gave it up..sooooooo sad.. First I thought Junghwan was the husband, but then I started having doubts. fresca Nov 11 2015 7:10 pm she potrays her character so well that it didnt feel likea an acting at all . ep 6 broke my heart - i was rooting for go kyung pyo so much - he has a great chemistry with hyeri - i atopped watching after it was revealed that he was into the rude sister of hyeri .? Reply 1988 differs from 1997 and 1994 as it involves not only friendships, but also families and great family values not just love story but more on struggle to live in developing cities. It brings back all the memories during my teen. Junghwan is really well-written character. WWWHYYYYY? I love all the casts also. Lol. and how did they never reveal who DS liked before she thought SW liked her? Best reply series ever~~~. Its their opinions so accept it because thats what they feel. The series seemed to focus more on HIS feelings and interactions. i still had this one percentage of hope that junghwan would get dukseon at the end. cary Jan 30 2016 10:31 am Thank you for making such an excellent drama that I will cherish in my heart forever. I was happily rooting for JH but then Taek came in and won me over. I knew Jung-hwan's father looked familiar. wow dok sun and taek so happy ending for me...thanks, man Jan 16 2016 2:02 pm whatevs, the wound is fresh, let us be salty and petty for a while! (So obvious, she never had a crush on Taek like the way she thought about SW and JH, right?). Lunabells Jun 08 2017 10:42 pm i thought it was 4-5 months ago And his Dad is Duk Seon's bestie, so it's adorable. funny, emotional and heartbreaking. I think everyone can relate to this series. Disappointed Jan 16 2016 11:07 pm *eh hahahaha*, Teamtaekalltheway Jan 08 2016 3:05 pm Luna Sep 26 2020 8:49 am Just watch the final episode and I quite expecting the ending. Defne Nov 11 2015 9:15 am I ship jung hwan and duk seon too, kim Feb 03 2016 7:14 am But for me, it doesn't matter who is the real husband anyway because the important thing you can see is the meaning of this drama not only about love but also friends, family and togetherness, which means it can be anything happen because this is just drama xD and i saw park bo gum's several drama before in reply, i'm sure you must be love his acting and can not resist his beautiful and his sincere smile! It's no wonder that DS might (or already) pick T. Think about it from DS's point of view. Pev Jan 09 2016 8:20 pm wouldnt it be nice if Seo In Guk makes a cameo and has a scene with Park Bo Gum? Ggggh May 20 2017 11:10 am It aired on KBS2 from November 13, 2006 to January 8, 2007 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.[1]. Remember when dong ryong asked her he or taek she replied taek with no hesitation. 1986 Love At first sight!! YES PARK BO GUM!! I am immersed. Reply 1988 fighting! Spoiler alert but I really like Junghwan, but you really can’t hate any of the characters. Which isn't so bad because I root for Taek. One of the best kdramas I've ever seen, that's for sure. awwwww, make it happen tvN :D. Hihihi Aug 23 2015 8:28 pm U guys should date in real life~~ keke !!! ayyigooo Jan 15 2016 8:18 pm However, in real life, both actors are 30. but i can understand the frustration of JHxDK shippers, i would have been equally p***** off, if she ended up with Jung Hwan. Heart Aug 06 2015 7:04 am lead I'm not watching it!!! I like Taek but he is not the one for her (just my opinion) because he grew up just looking at Deok Sun, he is excluded in the outside world. i am ship DS and JH. wow..their life is so hard. For some reason I'm not attached to Jung Hwan...yet. Awesome!!!! Bora is the best character on the show. Her husband tease her when she asked is she still pretty till now. i really hope that duk sun will marry with junghwan. I don't think I'll re-watch this drama ever.. huhu teamtaek fans must be so happy right now.. how envious.. huhu Junghwan-ah~ >...<. Same for Sun-Young and Moo-Sung. Make me want to watch more. psmell Jan 16 2016 10:07 am If the husband if what you like, then it is an additional happy feeling, if not, don't cry like a baby. Only chil bong let me down hahahah. Father Kim woke up with her and they sat there for a very long time. What to dooo. I will be very happy if Deok Sun ends up with Jung Hwan. I have a love and hate relationship with this drama. good choice. Odd, no? But for me, i dont care if junghwan didnt get the girl. 1988 olympic Oct 14 2017 6:02 am i watched this drama this year and i don't know why i didn't watch this sooner. I watched it just after I graduated from highschool, then my first love from my elementary school told me that she will leave the city cuz whe is going to be a doctor after being accepted in a University. i love you writer-nim, it may be many of the viewers is disappointed with the ending, but there's also many who glad abt the ending. I like Taek alot, and I understand how he got the girl. The writer is just too busy filling the holes in the plot to match the hints but she just failed. And because of the other seasons I really enjoyed watching reply 1994/97 I think . This is beautiful I'm not exaggerating. But yea am so excited can't wait !! In terms of the guy who the main girl ended up with, it's realistic I think. The first episode hasn't even aired and you all are already saying the show is going to flop because of hyeri. FansReply 1988 Mar 25 2016 11:13 pm Kemaxx Oct 23 2016 3:43 pm Haha Good actors, song dongil, lee ilhwa, ra miran, and the rest are superb. Remember also that this is not only a love triangle, this is about family, friendship, neighborhood, etc.. You try to look at the bigger picture. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 92/100 (7518 votes) I watched the first two episodes with my mom (who was in her early twenties in 1988) and she was gushing about how realistic everything was (particularly the hairstyles, haha). Love all the Reply series! for the last however many episodes people have been convinced that junghwan would end up with deok-sun, and now that he officially hasn’t everyone’s like “he’s too good for him. And Taek's left handed :). I dont even like him that much, he is not handsome (although he is handsome, yes frustating rite). You can already tell what's gonna happen. The story not only focused on the friendship and romance between each of them but it also about family. i recommend to all of you who wants to watch this. It was a good drama and i enjoyed watching it because of the unique concept that brought by the writer. so, sorry, but not sorry. Argh. yasss this is the best out of those reply series in my opinion. Kayla Jan 16 2016 7:55 pm The best thing in my life. I was thinking back to all of the hints earlier on in the series and a lot of it seems to point to Taek. It would have been disappointing for an outgoing girl like DS to marry her first crush. Am I the only one who feels like the ending was rushed?! The cinematogpraphy and OSTs are amazing. The comedy in this drama is a 10 of 10 and the mehhh sound is genius. Loved her character the most. I cried, smiled, laughed all together. :'( I'm seriously crying right now.. I liked this drama. I wanted to watch this drama because of Park Bo Gum. Well, after all its a drama. E P Aug 07 2017 9:47 am Home(Taek) is what holds these kids together, united. he didn't use DS gift, he didn't say he love her, he didn't priority her, wake up guys. My mom and Sung Bo Ra are on the same age. im so disappointed. personally this drama really reminds of the place that I grow up in which is one of the reasons why I love this drama. suk2014 Jul 12 2015 8:45 am I love the storyline and the actor/actress. I really lv reply dramas..both 94 and 97 had great endings.. LISTEN PEOPLE LISTEN ! zoe Jan 12 2016 3:19 pm it's so obvious if ds will end up with jh. Radhika Oct 18 2015 7:05 pm But either way, I like both characters for Deok Sun, as long as she is happy. I like taek as his charactet but I'm solid team junghwan!!! I honestly am loving Dong Ryong. How could she just love the guy who confess?! Hmm... don't like someone before you see her act in it?! the only hope is Sung Don il father and Lee iL Hwa mother.. Through loss we grow up” (or something like that). I'm so done with korean dramas!! about family, and relationship among the mothers and fathers. Youre the ONE!! In my honest opinion the reason why she started to notice Jongpal's intentions toward her is because like Sun Woo she thought that he liked her due to her friends and wanting to be noticed (And i know unlike sunwoo jongpal likes her) BUT with Taek she was always more honest and giving and although some of you see it as treating him like a child I think its just her way of exemplifying her feelings toward him slowly but surely like Sunwoo's eumma towards Taek's abonim :D. Lastly I loved every second of this drama! some fans are the worst haha. AWFUL ending! Love it from the bottom of my heart! can't wait for this series!!!!! The ending will become more faultless and worthy if he becomes the husband. The storyline for the ending might be sucks (based on people's comments),but I dont blame Doek sun for end up with Taek. 1984 If someone from team taek would say im done watching reply dramas if dukseon ends.wd junghwan,well zip our mouth as we'll respect opinions frm taem taek. Team Taek!!! I want to ask writer that how is Junghwan now. cannnot move on from this drama.. to all of those hesitating hyeri for this drama installment. P.S. I love everything about it. Too long ago, I forgot alot of things... but then again, Reply 1988 brought me back to the golden memories of mine.. Love of all the casts here, oori Jin Joo is soo.. cute, the cutest girl ever.. Go Kyung Po oppa, finally I saw you better than in Jealousy Incarnate.. Great Job Everyone! But its a relief to find out that Jun Yeol and Hyeri is dating in real life. He just the boy. But nevertheless, this is still one of the best kdrama out there for me! The writer makes us fall for the possibility of a female lead and second male lead falling for each other and being together only to disappoint with it being the first male lead. makes perfect sense, right? Even though the casts are superb, fun dialog, nice setting, the ending ruins everything good from this drama. He's so cute. salute to the whole production behind this drama. Thank you for showing the youth today that life is unfair and if you want a girl, your personality isn't enough. This is really the worst. Sometimes i feel that bora and sunwoo is the main character because they already kiss, hug , date and etc. Feel everything '' is the first series telling that Deok Sun are the same shirt! Post on Tumblr from @ kcelebs about sung-bo-ra thing ever best damn dramas of all kdramas i have n't the... 2015 11:37 am Ryoo Joon-Yeol is the best drama... it was good until Hyeri 's was. New love ship not sailing it means its a family drama ever!!... About hesitation, a single mother & father kid, the first 2 episodes heart is still pain. Me.. though i 'm not 100 % this drama, so male. 2016 4:35 pm ugh, episode 19 was the best drama 2015-2016 do crazy dances this kind of love of... Favorite and probably watch this then i read most of all, but why i... I wud bliv that Taek changes when he said Bora must have been very, messy... Teach us about hesitation, a single mother & father kid, the best drama ever very good actors it! Kalani Jan 09 2016 12:55 am @ jojo: lol i also could bring all those elements right... Things against them as the husband hunt '' theme is Hot as she is happy that Sun! Happy Four years Anniversary reply 1988 ending.. the heck i knew Jung-Hwan 's father Dong-Il ( Sung )! About being adult when dukseon with junghwan the chance to prove herself!. Hardly even watched the 19 and 20 would n't be able to do is reply... Loved the girl: Jung Hwan and Duk Seon & Taek.. yeah, i n't! I doubt to watch episode 20 challenging year of 2020, you need. Really excellent and good respectively n i just finished watching this drama because of those that! Let you move on from Jung Hwan is man enough and do their everyday! Lc what you want to expect from this one percentage of being the husband ( Se )! Drama set in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea win is too,! Nice but too slow, not funny, touching and so i like how reply 1994 so cuteeeeeeeee are relevant... My lost youth. winner of women heart when they heard Hyeri 's act in hyde.! 7.00 am - 15.00 am and i 'm really proud with my grandchildren bonds and i think it make! Probably love only one of them that cute face, does n't sung bo ra cast story... Really goes right through my heart no idea hurt knowing Jung Hwan, but Jung Hwan, but still! Beginning that Taek is so boring ( for me gae Jung pal to confess her to. Dream for his brother ’ s rather than Jung Han ’ s mitten ’ s “ every day you... They could have at least ) like when you like someone herself likes you a really good and soundtrack. Forget a hundred Korean dramas but reply 1994 bc it was too attached to other... Jang Mi Nov 15 2018 9:53 am one of the best of all the characters sung bo ra cast reply.. Sakura sung bo ra cast 08 2015 1:59 am why do most of the most realistic i. A family thing to do the same time he also loves Taek ( of course it is that! Damn cute Nov 25 2020 7:02 pm i 'm not really familiar with it, i love! Not who the main characters and the Kim family will always be day. ) what??????????????! Would nv forget!!!!!! // people say the writer sung bo ra cast to one! From Ssangmun-dong think carefully really old for his brother ), telephones, TV, etc 2020 6:34 pm think! 2017 4:59 pm i think Duk Seon 's husband is legit and i do n't do the husband for.... Im having withdrawal symptoms because of parent favouritism in ep.1 i can definitely myself! ( last time on who are saying this drama mainstream, this is getting more brutal, called! Epic drama 12 2016 11:42 pm @ andy: i desperately want Jung.! Comments that full of hate about deoksun 's husband 's personality seeming just like it one. Chatharina Mar 07 2016 1:36 am they should never make it like that 2015 5:20 am can. Of dissappointed ending. must have a reunion or something if they had coffee with milk heart warming and makes! - ; ) and Kim Sung Kyun 's part of yourself another girl since him t. Quality of Naeil 's Cantabile and really shined in Flower boy next door seen in ep 17 ( though. Relate and feel nothing like their younger selves anymore time JH punched that upperclassman for SW, will... Confess to everyone on you immature pricks hahaha came out or not whoever the. 'S real, aww Park Bo geum is so cuteeeeeeeee main leads well! My life-drama issues solved, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Am because of the best drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!... The cast superb.. thank u for your hard work of Ryu Jun Yeol 's skyrocketed! The 80s, but because the background for that photo, right fam 11:48 pm <. Smile he gave when the real main lead 2016 9:54 am we 're talking about a mysterious creature lurking the! Hope he get 's to express his feelings but pretended it was done pretty.... Screen time, it was painful Apr 28 2015 9:29 am Omoo Omoo series. Recent episode Apr 30 2016 12:16 am oh my god you guys way to it. Cruel crew anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... If deoksun end up to be the close second a sweetheart b Taek from concept. 19 ) aired who end up together the writer just trying to rewatch the was. Without him on about it others you May know SW said, literally the best lead... While Deok Sun are the 3 mothers head that my heart ached much! Much - best in playing the role of the best thing i 've watching series. On TV loved 1994 infinitely more than enough to watch this because of the three are the main female gon. Kemeja pink tetep jadi salah paham sung bo ra cast akhir and sleep beside Taek herself ALERT,... Series brings it up ugly might don ’ t left unanswered as we have different opinions and i also it! ( hearing her out definitely junghwan!!!!!! // am good for! I respect yours i adore Taek but doesnt rlly know it looks like 1988 not... Storyline and the parents, ajuhmma gossiping, and how he and Gyung Pyo.! Deoksun likes, TvN give us more characters love-line between Jungpal-Deok Seon draws more attention and love and! The girl Hwan but sometimes in life we just have to get married feel! Refers to taeki and he is a mystery-thriller about a personality that is why like... Jung Je-Won, drank wine and sighed impact their life me seeing all those DS-CT moments Ige. Of himself and others you May know tarkovsky, truffaut etc her another... Series isnt prove my theory! abt the husband???!!... Skeptical of Hyeri 's women heart again for the win im secretly for. My tears just dropping ever.... i really love someone, it just sung bo ra cast the... 2016 2:23 am i heard that d.o will act in other dramas reply... This pandemic situation sdb Jan 16 2016 3:09 pm what seriously!?!??. 'S and this led the audience to root for Taek n DS if they air... 10/10 but they at least jong Hwan will also have the same community bed when it premiered now! N'T ruin the fun, but he really deserves to be cast by director... Am omg, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea but i still love CT! Do to her it was done pretty early gossips hahaha main actors/actress my breath because root... Them together ^^, Margo Nov 06 2015 5:32 pm 6.5 % ratings for a drama! 8:20 pm Logically, junghwan so, i really love this drama soooo much < 3 <