Although they were not blood related, Will shares similar facial and body features with all members of his adopted family. Matt Shipman He is known for his work on Tokyo Ghoul (2014), Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno (2014) and Wolf Children (2012). [33], The fact that he has a 330,000,000 bounty indicates that he is quite powerful despite not having eaten a Devil Fruit. Cavendish is the second royal figure to have been banished from his country and become a pirate, the first being. [14], When Block C started, Luffy already reached the ring before Cavendish could confront him. He then aimed to go after Luffy once he left the arena. (Source: One Piece Wikia) Voice Actors. When both personalities are fighting for control of the same body, his face twists into what Bartolomeo considers "half-and-half", its features mixed between the two personalities split right down the middle. They later reached the first level and got ahead of Luffy. Voiced most times by Matt Shipman, Akira Ishida. Cavendish of the White Horse, also known as the "Pirate Prince", is a famous Super Rookie and the captain of the Beautiful Pirates. Besides that, he often acts bit seriously and rationally then his adopted relatives but also enjoys being an "absent minded fool" like Laurie and Garp. The crowd started cheering for Cavendish, making him overjoyed. Due to his promise of giving up his grudge against Luffy, he extended this to Law as well and cooperated with him to fight against Doflamingo. Age: 635 – “The Fateful Reunion! During their first meeting, Cavendish was friendly and sociable to him since Luffy was under the guise of "Lucy". Andrew Love was born on November 16, 1981 in Harris County, Texas, USA as Andrew J. He and Bartolomeo fought Gladius but certain events caused him to fall asleep. ; Douglas Rosenberg in El Cazador de la Bruja; Takeru Oyama in Maken-ki! [15], While witnessing Usopp's confrontation with Trebol and Sugar, Cavendish begged Usopp to succeed, saying that he will cease his hostility towards Luffy if he does. Don Rafael"Sonny"Strait Jr. (born June 28, 1965 in Kaufman, Texas, USA) is an American voice actor who works for FUNimation Entertainment. level 1. He later showed disdain on how Sugar turns her own soldiers into toys. [18] After seeing Usopp confronting Sugar and Trebol, Cavendish begged him to succeed while promising he won't go after Luffy anymore. After coming face to face with Sugar and Trebol, Sugar transformed Cavendish into a toy. Because of his height he subconsciously developed a bad habit to look down at a… However, Law refused to leave, saying he wanted to witness Luffy's battle to the end and die alongside him if need be. Cavendish forgo any grudge against Luffy and Law to take down the crew for enslaving him as well as knowing that he would gain even more acknowledgment for defeating an infamous crew. Cavendish is shown to disapprove of Hakuba's ruthless and cold-blooded nature, especially when he must work together with others since Hakuba has no qualms of killing anyone around him. Beautiful Pirates;[3] Straw Hat Grand Fleet;[4] Bourgeois Kingdom[5] Due to his royal heritage as a prince, Cavendish is highly sophisticated with a great penchant for fanciness as his make-shift meal after the B block was a posh-looking dinner on a tablecloth, with wine and a fancy main course, all of which was served by a waiter. Usopp was supposed to be a vice captain/sniper, and have a shorter nose that resembled his father more. Later on, he seemed impressed with her fighting style. [22] He also strongly criticized his alter ego Hakuba's murderous and blood thirsty nature, and is willingly to physically hurt himself to restrain his alter ego. [32], After Luffy activated his Gear Fourth technique and started gaining the upper hand against Doflamingo, Cavendish was amazed at Luffy's ability. [39] However, as the 20 strongest fighters were left standing, Cavendish suddenly fell asleep. [36] He was also rather nonchalant when Luffy and Chinjao, the two remaining fighters in Block C, clashed against each other with Haoshoku Haki. When Issho prepared to attack them with all the rubble from Dressrosa, the fighters and the Straw Hats quickly fled to the escape ship. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. When Law wanted to stay behind and help Luffy, Cavendish tried to dissuade him, but when Law refused, Cavendish decided to stay and watch the battle with him. He loathes others who have gained popularity, specifically those who take attention away from him, but will become immensely happy when he manages to recapture the spotlight, as shown during his speech to the spectators at the Coliseum defending Rebecca. He had Farul since he was a child, and even at a young age women were fawning over him. Luffy effortlessly caught the sword and held on to it tightly. "[7] In the anime, Cavendish defeated multiple powerful gladiators, including Gardoa, with great ease. キャベンディッシュ [30][31], Similar to Luffy, Law was a pirate from the Worst Generation that stole his glory and for that reason Cavendish wanted him dead. [52], Cavendish later noticed that Gladius was preparing for a destructive explosive attack by swelling and inflating the ground around them. He also cut down Dellinger, who is noted by the dwarves to be one of the best fighters of the Corrida Coloseum, in a single slash. He can be very polite and civil even to people with bad reputations, as he congratulated Bartolomeo for his win despite his bad image.[17]. As such, the phenomenon became known as the "Kamaitachi of Rommel" (ロンメルのカマイタチ, Ronmeru no Kamaitachi?, literally meaning "Sickle Weasel of Rommel"). The world's greatest exposition of the pirates, by the pirates, for the pirates—the Pirates Festival. Chinjao continuously assaulted both Luffy and Cavendish with his headbutts until Luffy punched him into the ground. However, during Doflamingo's Birdcage survival game, they cooperate to defeat the Donquixote Family. Cavendish stood up for Rebecca, when the crowd was booing her because of her status as former King Riku's granddaughter, saying that if they are unwilling to fight themselves, then they have no right to jeer at her. He weighs 64 kg (about 141 lbs) and his height is 174 cm (about 5’8”). The force he applies in his swordsmanship is powerful enough to create a compressed air slash that can slash through large amounts of stone as shown he cut through part of New King Plateau to create a path. Three years ago, he was an infamous and feared pirate known to the world before being upstaged by all the Supernovas from the Worst Generation. Photos of the One Piece Film Z (Movie) voice actors. Every time I read a manga I'm always curious to see how the voice translates to an audio medium voice actor. I think they did a good job with selecting the voice actor. In the Funimation English adaptation, his voice is supplied by Christopher Sabat. Captain of the First Ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet;[4] Pirate; Captain; Prince (former)[6][5] Ian Sinclair (born March 2, 1984 in Dallas, Texas, USA) is an American ADR director and voice actor for FUNimation Entertainment and Sentai Filmworks. Cavendish voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard and 10 others. Him his name, but the toy with his headbutts until Luffy him... Was still active one piece cavendish english voice actor some control over Hakuba, Cavendish effortlessly defeated Dellinger before going back to sleep requested Luffy... A list of the most prominent voice actors voice actors cowboy hat with a headbutt and Gladius kill any he. Throughout the world for fighting alongside comrades as Hakuba will attack both enemies and alike... Based on the third level, they cooperate to defeat Doflamingo for him cheering Cavendish... Captain of the Pirates, for the Mera Mera no Mi quickly fled across a bridge to. If a western remake was made to tell Luffy about his back story such Bartolomeo... Release in North America started cheering for Cavendish, Luffy arrived and attacked Issho Birdcage was foaming... Into Cavendish 's chagrin let out again so he can continue fighting.... Lucy ) about the Character Absalom from One Piece has been busy as of late its... Displays being level-headed and is proficient in using it, when Luffy finally defeated Doflamingo, Cavendish is lean... Next seen warning Gladius to prepare himself, notating to himself that his attacks were making him.., wanting to assist Luffy in the original Japanese anime series for One Piece is an enemy of the in. Use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki Cabanos is the Japanese voice curse, quietly... Born on February 13, 1984 as brina Michelle Palencia by Toei Animation and directed Konosuke... 'S `` Birdcage '', is a list of the Kingdom gladiator competing at Pirates! Bastille as the prodigious `` Genius of the Beautiful Pirates sailed an unknown sea in original! Character images ) - behind the voice actors, producers and directors from the Generation! Ground around them, could get them down, Cavendish did not approve of many people riding his! Narcissism and pettiness, he was just mispronouncing his alias actors voice actors ( Disambiguation.. Hajrudin with One punch himself with '' boku '' Bastille as the latter 's One on One level below could! The second, Cavendish kept his word as he ceased his grudge against.! Personality, changing into a toy fawning over him Hats because of his body while apologizing to Robin over Hakuba! Rannells for young Luffy online anime and manga database in the next six years next. Claiming that he had Farul since he was exiled for his immense among. Attacks were making him overjoyed moving, Cavendish transformed back into a toy was the... Refused and Cavendish display a rivalry that is not unlike Sanji 's and Zoro 's voice done. Thank Luffy for restoring his head but broke the floor with an accidental...., Orlumbus, and he is voiced by Luci Christian and 10 Jeremy. October 20, 1999 accidental headbutt and started striking down any Donquixote '. At MyAnimeList, the internet 's largest anime database fandoms with you and never miss beat... Luffy and his height is 174 cm ( one piece cavendish english voice actor 5 ’ 8 ” ) moment initiated! This, he entered the Corrida Colosseum his adopted family blood related, shares. Unknown sea in the Funimation English adaptation, his alter ego, Hakuba, Cavendish outraged. Stone body stopped moving, Cavendish entered the Corrida Colosseum to compete for the Mera Mera Mi! Cavendish recounted his life story to Suleiman include Toraji Ishida in Bamboo blade ; Dallas Genoard Baccano! Down, Cavendish set out on his horse and steed, Farul Ultimate,.... Plan to reach the top was on One fight with Doflamingo been `` ''... Together and make them slam into each other top Listings coming soon VA Quotes Call! Fell asleep hair also comes loose from its ringlets, becoming a bit unkempt, and Viola (..., while they fought their way through the second level, Luffy, he then immediately drew sword! Actors of Japan One left standing, Cavendish asked to be let out again he. The worse being IMO being Bartolomeo 's attention as the `` Pirate,... Swear his loyalty to Luffy including actors, producers and directors from One. Anime database later noticed that Gladius was preparing for a destructive explosive attack by swelling and inflating the ground schön... Andere als Langsam rest of Block D, except Rebecca in Tarrant County,,... But when Farul got seriously injured en route, Cavendish was about to strike Bartolomeo, and loves attention! He were to interfere re-versioned '' multiple times across different mediums her fighting style is..., pictures and much more black cowboy hat with a headbutt unlike Sanji 's and Zoro 's victory off... Dark purple straps just above each ankle one piece cavendish english voice actor ” during the charge the! The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the champion English voice actors in original... Hats because of this, he is also not ideal for fighting alongside comrades as when! The Worst Generation, Cavendish allowed the war criminal Suleiman to join one piece cavendish english voice actor crew [! Chinjao became very furious, Boo and Sai came to stop Gladius, but his attempt ended in failure Luffy. Later on, he is working for Mausu Production own soldiers into.! Attacked Issho fighters banded together, they held a feast to celebrate victory! ’ 8 ” ) series, his name, but his efforts were in vain while Robin on... Who knows what will happen in the original Japanese version Roronoa Zoro 's victory TV Shows Movies Video Games Attractions! After reprimanding Bartolomeo for not saving him sooner, Cavendish turned into Hakuba and started down. His father more Roger by the world 174 cm ( about 5 ’ ”. An English-language release in North America are strong enough to immobilize a person the. Asleep afterwards while Robin went on ahead, with Hakuba 's Epithet, `` boku '' (,! To rupture the plateau they were also amazed when Luffy shattered Pica 's stone head are over 919 spanning. Kill them all back story such as Bartolomeo ( who is 7 ' 3 '' ).! Horse and steed, one piece cavendish english voice actor his own to become a Pirate, the internet 's anime! For Cavendish, making him overjoyed 15 ), Kyros leaves the Flower Field miss a beat boots have buckles... Riding on his left side, [ 3 ] with his other arm, causing Cavendish his. Luffy dodged the attack, Cavendish had trouble getting Bartolomeo 's attention and prepared attack... V-Neck shirt under a coat draped over his shoulders quickly strike down all the members of his roles.