• 1. What is an ‘Employer’?
  • An employer is a person or entity which has registered with the Fund as an employer. It covers those who enters into a contract of employment with another person to perform;
    i. Services in any field that include professional and clerical
    ii. Manual labor
    iii. Domestic duties which include gardening
    iv. Fishing on a family or commercial fishing boat
    v. Driving commercial vehicle including buses and taxis
    vi. Wharf and farming gang-workers
    vii. Sales agent or representative of an off-island businesses
    viii. Any other type of services
  • 2. What do I need to do to register as an employer?
  • You can register as an Employer at our office, Member Services Department, Level 4, SNPF Building, Apia. An Employer number will be issued to every new Employer. Registration is free of charge and the following documents must be submitted to support the registration:
    i. Copy of current business license;
    ii. Copy of any certificate of incorporation;
    iii. Register of current employees and their wages
    iv. Any other document or information relating to registration and required by the regulations or by the Fund
  • 3. As an employer, what do I need to know about payment of contributions?
  • An Employer must pay the contributions on the 7th day of the month after month end. An Employer must complete monthly schedule, reporting employees’ names, NPF numbers and 14% or more contribution per pay period within the month. Contribution payments are due on the 7th day after every month end. Failure to pay contributions 21 days after month end will attract a surcharge.
    Refer to Section 22 of the SNPF Act for more details