Talofa lava!

About SNPF

The Samoa National Provident Fund was formed in 1972 under the NPF Act 1972. The Samoa National Provident Fund’s (SNPF) mandatory role, responsibilities and authority are clearly stipulated under the NPF ACT 1972 which was amended by the Samoa National Provident Fund Amendment Act 2010.  This Fund represents a compulsory savings scheme for the purposes of retirement for all employees employed in Samoa or by a company or organisation registered in Samoa. A minimum of 10% of gross income is paid by the employee with a matching 10% paid by the employer. 

Our Guiding Vision

A prosperous TODAY and a secure TOMORROW. 

Our Mission Statement

  1. To extend coverage to all workers
  2. To provide efficient and effective services through best practices
  3. To maximise returns to members

Our Values

We endeavour to deliver our services to our members and the people of Samoa in line with the following values:

  1. Integrity: To act with honesty and integrity towards our members and business partners by sharing complete and accurate information, adhere to relevant policies and regulations, maintains confidentiality and fairly represents the organisation’s capabilities.
  2. Quality: To understand our members’ needs and meet their expectations through a ‘can do’ approach by completing all details of tasks required, aspire for excellence in standard of work performed/submitted and accomplish tasks through concern for all areas involved on a timely basis.
  3. Innovation: To deliver on customer expectation by seeking innovative solutions while suggesting improvements to basic procedures or processes, identifies areas that could be   approached differently, suggest new ways to apply existing knowledge to add value to the department and organisation, identify different and novel ways to deal with organisational problems and opportunities for continuous improvement.
  4. Team Player: To continue toward the broader benefit of the Fund and members and put team goals ahead of individual/own goals, work collaboratively with team, contributes to achievement of team goals and exchange information freely, volunteers ideas for common good.
  5. Ownership/Accountability: To be responsible for your actions and takes ownership of tasks, ensures actions and decisions align with policies, takes personal responsibility/answerable for actions and confirms satisfaction and participate in transparent and ethical practices to achieve mutual expectations of the department and the Fund as a whole.
  6. Commitment: To be committed to achieve the set targets of the Fund by committing at least 40 hours a week to SNPF work except when taking approved leave, take initiative to achieve targets while suggesting options for improvement and work as part of a team, committing to achieving the vision and mission of the Fund.


The total number of active members of the Fund by June 2021 was 32,337 with 35% from the public sector and 65% from the private sector. The number of registered current employers is 1,957. Total members’ contributions as at June 2021 was $839 million. Total Net Assets of the Fund in the same period was $928 million. 


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