Senior Citizens Benefit Fund

The Senior Citizens Benefit Fund (SCBF) was established in 1990. This Scheme is fully funded by the Government of Samoa and it is administered by the Board of the National Provident Fund.

  • Eligibility
  • i. A citizen or permanent resident of Samoa
    ii. Has attained the age of 65 years
    iii. Must live in Samoa
  • Registration
  • Registration can be done at our Main Office Apia, Level 1 of the SNPF Building. Documentation must be submitted to support your registration including the following:
    i. Birth certificate
    ii. Passport
    iii. Bank account
  • Benefits
  • i. Monthly pension of $135 per month for life.
    ii. Free travel between Savaii and Upolu on the Government ferries.
    iii. Free consultation at the Government hospitals.
    iv. Free medical supplies at the Government Pharmacies and one only free set of denture at the Government hospitals.

For further information contact the Senior Citizens Benefit Fund Office at 22010/ 32709