Parliamentary Pension Scheme (PPS)

The Parliamentary Pension Scheme (PPS) is a separate Scheme managed and administered by the Samoa National Provident Fund since 2006. It is a contributory defined benefit retirement scheme covering members’ of Parliament, the Head of State and the Council of Deputies of Samoa.  Under the scheme, equal contributions are made by the scheme’s members and by the Government of Samoa.  The scheme is legislated by the Parliamentary Pension Scheme Act 1998, Amendment Act 2010 and Regulations.

The main purpose of the scheme is to provide retirement pensions, for life, for the retired members of parliament, in particular the old aged members and parliamentarians who have served the Samoan Parliament for years. Members contribute 10% of their gross basic salary. The Government contributes a matching 10%. The PPS Board shall invest the scheme’s funds in accordance to section 19 of the PPS Act, to ensure payments of entitlements and benefits payable under the Scheme are payable, as, and when they fall due.