Employees Contribution

It is the Employers responsibility to:

I.  Deduct your employee’s portion of 9% from their gross wages (which include overtime, allowance, bonus and any compensation (monetary value) receivable in relation to employment).

II. Ensure to remit a payment of 18% - the employee’s 9% plus your (employer’s) matching portion of 9% - to NPF. Contribution payments are due on the 7th day after every month end (e.g. contributions for August are due by 7th September). Failure to pay contributions 21 days after month end will attract a penalty surcharge of 2% per month.

III.  Where the member wishes to pay more than their minimum portion of 9%, the employer must inform NPF in writing of this and then deduct and pay that extra amount, together with the normal 18%, to NPF.

IV.  Where an employer is paying less than the required minimum wage (currently $3.00 per hour), the employer must not deduct a 9% portion from the employee’s wages; instead, the employer must pay the full 18% themselves.

V.   Complete a monthly schedule which should include the employees’ names, NPF numbers and 18% or more contributions per pay period within that month, to be submitted together with the 18% payment.

VI.  Inform SNPF immediately in the event of a sale of the business, transfer of ownership, ceased operation for a period of time or close down of business and to enclose the last monthly contributions payment and schedule.        

For further information contact the Member Services Department at 64800 or email us at info@npf.ws