Offence & Penalties

It is an offence under the NPF Act if an Employer:

  1. Fails to register as an employer;
  2. Knowingly makes any false statement or furnish or produce any false documents;
  3. Fails to pay contribution and return schedules on the due date;
  4. Fails to retain the duplicate copy of any schedule return to the Fund;
  5. Fails to pay within 14 days  after the date of demand any surcharge and member due interest;
  6. Fails to deliver to any of his/her employee any document that is required to be delivered under this Act.
  7. Employs or continues to employ any person who is not registered with the Fund as an employee.
  8. Fails to assist and provide information or documents or answer any questions of an inspector or matters related to members’ contributions.
  9. Obstruct an Inspectorate Officer of the Fund in the discharge of his/her duties and functions.
  10. To deduct from the employee wages the sum greater than the permitted amount without agreement.


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